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The course gives great content and ideas for encouraging more involvement by the students. It does also outline the importance the the instructor has in making the students feel empowered by their learning.  Definitely worth the time and useful for helping understand how to help the students be more successful in attaining their carreer goals through education.

I liked the use of Badges for real life experience and learning.  Gives the student motivation to be invilved in their own learning and be responsible for the choices they are making to achieve their goals.

Students are interested in using their devices to look up information. With clear and specific guidelines technology boosts the learning in the classroom and lab.

When students have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning. It helps them recognize the WIFM ( What's in it for me).  Give the student clear objectives and tasks to support their learning. 

Immediacy and time management require a balance to be effective.  To do lists can help relieve anxiety about the tasks that need to be completed.  Prioitizing tasks also helps you complete the most important tasks first.

This training module helped me brosden my tools for presenting class material to the students.  The training module also assisted in shariing several methods of involving the class in lecture and lab environments.  Finally, the modules gave numeraous testing techniques for effectively testing various types of topic material

Using these different questioning techniques to assist the students on their mastery of the material.  Each questioning type has advantages and disadvantages.  The key for the instructor is to use the correct method to reach the goals and objectives for the course.

Come prepared to class with your questions so you can call on individual students to check understanding of the day's lesson materials.

Good questions encourage student participation.  Provide leading  questions to help the students logic out the answers.

Don't limit the students opportunities. LEt them discuss related topics they may relate to in the workplace.  Give them clear instructions on howework and smple the tyope of work you expect to be done prior to class. Make sure you plan additional time as needed for discussions a and demonstrations

To keep the students engaged get them involved.  Ask questions and let the students lead the reviews. Give clear and concise objectives.


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