Barbara Rodriguez

Barbara Rodriguez

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Utilize the best learning strategies for every individuals.


Feedback is very important to both parties to evolve and succed as a learner and as an educator.


Both systems will be succesfull if there is organization and communication. 


knowlege in utilizing the different tools and what works best for teaching styles and for the students.


Evaluations are essential to improve and be an effective instructor.


Feedback is essential all the time when discussing and in each specific objective.

Communication affectiveness online can be misinterpreted but always compose and translate information with respect and communicate your expectations. Continue to get creative and engage students.


Utilizing the formats and templates that are provided to you helps to have a consistant approach to the development of each module. It will also facilitate the search for students.


Empowerment thru motivation is well and powerful phrase. it can go a long way because when you are confident of your teaching methods you tranfer that confidence in learning to your students.


Symphatizing and empowerment leadership  by example. Leadeing a classroom full of adult learners.


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