Barbara Rodriguez

Barbara Rodriguez

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always be  prepared, enthusiastic and caring to all your student.  

Discussions are an important part of keeping students motivated. Also reminding them of all the  past learning skills they have accomplished by having them write new skills learned.

I learned from this session that Kindness and positive actions will give students a sense of happiness in a bit of a moment. I always start my class with a nice quote on the board that resonates  to me and at the end of the week I go around and ask what their favorite quote of the week was and why? it opens up a nice discussion and I as well as all students get to know a bit more about everyone in a kind way.

I have learned thru this discussion that it's always important to understand  the students needs and previous experiences as a reference on how a students expectations in your class will determine the enthusiasm they will have to be engaged and encouraged. Learn to get to know your students.

Different teaching methods need to be tailored and cover all different methods to have students stay interested and encouraged.

I have learned to Greet every person, create space for students to get to know you and give them a sence of security by allowing yourself to share your professional back ground. Also I learned that is important to learn students names as quickly as you can.

Preparation, Note pad for list of to do, things needed and BE as prepared as we can.


Leadership, respect and connect with students in a level they can understand and feel encouraged, understood and cared for. Leading by example and connect with other instructors to integrate ideas.

Utilize the best learning strategies for every individuals.


Feedback is very important to both parties to evolve and succed as a learner and as an educator.


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