Wilhelmina Mensah-Aggrey

Wilhelmina Mensah-Aggrey

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Taking breaks and making time to particioate in the 4-6sec breathing excercises to keep refreshed.


I have learnt to interact and connect with my students at a personal level to encourage them\.


This training has been very helpful in giving tips such as waiting to give the instructor time to respond better and also motivating students with rewards from time to time but not overdoing it and helping students maintain security and autonomy in different ways.

Innovative learning technology gives people an opportunity to interact with other students from various parts of the world , it also gives the faculty an opportunity to be a coach and support students.

Kolb's experiential learning model- it takes into account 4 abilities which takes into consideration the others and ways to incorpoate into class will include active participation such as performing new skills in lab.

I leart that group effort is better than individual effort, ways i will incorporate it into my class is by having group assignments.

From the constructivist view, we are active creators of our own knowledge that means we construct our own understanding of the world through experiencing, reflecting , linking new information to existing knowldege.

 I will imcorperate this concept into my classroom by having more case sturdies where students can talk it out and have abetter understanding of newer concepts.

implementing active learning can  be challenging since resources may not be available to the faculty and they may have to start from the scratch

It is important and helpful to incorporate every day things we use around us, to help the different learning domains.

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