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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Utilizing tools

Alot of times schools will try to build retention with pizza and T-shirts but forget we are tryingto build for careers. 

Learning Activity

This was a great learning activity.  Thanks

Sharing Past experience

This has been a great experince to share class notes and preveios practice test.

Basic set of academic skills

Students should come to you with a basic set of academic skills that will enable them to process the course content. It should not be your responsibility to try to offer basic literacy instruction, but you can offer tutorial assistance in areas such as note taking and report writing if these areas are critical for success in your course

Don't confuse me with facts!

I find the older more "worldly" students offer more real life stories, and will help the younger students learn material. Some students are rather dubious of the instructor, and the institution's intentions, for profit and all, and an older more secure student can really help with the instructional gaols.

What works best!

I have always maintained an open door policy with all of my students. They feel that I am accessible to them and they feel more secure in their surroundings. I am big with using clean concise Lesson Objectives before each section and it helps to maintain focus on the lesson being taught. I keep the Objective short and to the point so it is easy to retain. I tell them if they cannot mark off the objective to see me and get tutoring. I was able to have my students retain at least most of the information presented to them.… >>>

Student obstacles

In our school, there are many personal obstacles that stkudents have.  Listening is the key here.  Not only does it enable me to dilscover what needs they may have and help to guide them to the proper place to get the necessary help, but it also fosters a better instructor-student relationship which many times encourages them to try harder and perform better, thus enabling student success.  They each have their stories and problems, that's for sure!


Motivation is a key element in the success of any student.




Great course

Learning to change the dynamic of classroom

I am able to see through the eyes of novice because I started in the classroom setting as a Medical Assistant student. This course has given me even more elements to add to my classes moving forward. I have implemented the process of working in teams I beleive that Team Work makes the Deam Work and that working with all walks of life. This was very gratifying and I will know acknowledge and request students write questions that will be used and revamped as test questions. Also I will be including a basic outline that will include all of the… >>>

What is the difference of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators in a classroom setting?

I have found that once you include your class in the process of learning and engaging and rewarding within means. The response is astounding while in the process of building the rapport with your student population. Intrinsic movational value is processing class assignments to encourage and motivate a students strengths while accessing their weakness and building assignments and reviews around that I found are challenging yet rewarding.  The Extrinic motvational value is processing and understanding that one must choose and pick a time that is suitable to discuss a students strength. Giving motivators that are educational and adventerous at the… >>>

Communication as a tool

I believe in creating a strong communication link with students. By continuosly providing feedback on their progress, students are aware of where they stand and what's needed to continue improving. This has proven to be a great technique to keep the students engaged in the calssroom objectives.


I have been experienceing an overwhelming amount of students who have it in their mind they do ot have to listen to the instructor. I realized quickly after observing, the students who were day dreaming were missing out becasue of their learning styles. Being new to this industry I am very aware now of the learning styles. I have implamented that the students have to get up at least once during lecture and help out. They actually have enjoyed the classesmore and are volunteering to answer questions. There is so much more participation in class after we( the instructors) got… >>>

Learning tools

These learning tools are essential for the success of th students.

Students Learning

Knowing how to gage student understanding and knowledge helps with their overall success in school and increases their retention in their selected program.

What great teachers do

I trully enjoyed the video, where Thomas J. DeLong, Professor of Management Practice explains "Four Things That Great Teachers Do."

Learning the students' names on the first day

I often have anywhere from 18 to 24 students in my class. To help learn their names quickly, I ask them quietly and individually what their last name is and what they PREFER to be called. I often hear nicknames/preferred middle names/short names that other teachers never know about! I also ask them to pronounce their name several times if it is difficult for me, and I tell them, "PLEASE let me know if I am saying your name wrong at any time during this course".

Now, while I am doing this, the class is engaged - usually with a… >>>

Thank You

Great insight!

enhancing student retension

I agree. Not only do personal stories give them insight into the working world, they also can serve as a few-minute diversion from lecture. Our classes run for 6 hour each with 75 minutes. That's a lot of listening and they sometimes seem to get bored and/or distracted. Any time that I tell a personal story, they begin to focus again and I regain their attention. It also helps to make you seem like a real person with a personality, which they respect