Danitza Acevedo

Danitza Acevedo

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classroom management can be applied tactfully and with dignity.  If there is a time when a student verbally abuses, it's time for that student to be excused politely from class.

I was not aware that classroom management was number to a student's sucess.  I will definitely place a greater role of management into my lesson plans!

It is important to be well prepared in class.  The students know when the professor is not well prepared.  Additionally, it is important over prepare a bit.  That way there is plenty of instructional material.


When it comes to an angry student, the best approach is to listen first.


It is important to engage all students.  Students that are are ready to quit need extra attention and understanding.  Students that are unprepared would benefit from pop quizes.


It is important to go over the syllabus on the first day of class.  It gives clear expectations of the student and course!


It is important to teach the material.  What is more important, is to teach how to critically think with the subject material at hand.


When a student is bored, the instructor must be attuned to the disengagement.  The instructor should try to redirect the attention to actively engage the student.


Passive learning is important to get the content out to a large group of people.  Then once that content is processed, active learning can take place.


In order for true learning to take place, active learing should be planned out by the instructor.  


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