Patricia Thomas

Patricia Thomas

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Soft skills are more important that hard skills.  Being abkle to understand others  and relate to them is very importaant.


i learned about emotional intelligence and how to identify it and manage it.


Soft skills are essential in education for one to be successful they have to work as a team and understand others.


Soft skills comprise of being efficient academically and also being able to interact professionally with students and others professionally and demonstrating a caring attitude.


As a novice clinical insructor it is a challenge learning the content of the work and delivering the materials effectively.  But form this lesson I have learnt the factors to keep students motivated and delivering clear and accurate insrtuctions is very important.My action plan is to use more varied activities, not to make students feel insecure .  Now being aware of the inrinsic factors that motivate students I will focus on these things.

Intrinsic motivators are long lasting.  Student has the desire to succeed because of how they feel about their lesson, instructor, content,

Extrinsic factos are temporary- student is motivated and is seeking rewards .


Autonomy allows students to make choices that will assist them to succeed


I learned that security is the student believing in their ability to get work done and autonomy is student performing work by themselves.

With this information I will encourage students and try to boost their selfconfidence.


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