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Sherry Jacob

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Vanderbilt saved $750,000 by using G-Suite? WOW!


The more you know about your subject matter, the more confident you are to speak on the content in front of students.

Students sense confidence and nervousness. I overcame nervousness during my undergraduate experience by over preparing for everything and it really helped me to succeed.

Of course, there will always be challenges in every aspect of teaching and learning. As long as you plan ahead and think about many contingencies, you should be fine.

In this module I learned using "um" and "ah" during a lecture or lab session sends the message to students I am unsure about what I am talking about. Instead, I need to pause to get my thoughts together and then speak.


I learned a lot in this section of the course. However, I am not sure doing any of it would benefit my students or be beneficial for me personally. I will have to consider it all internally in the next upcoming weeks and months. I do not like telling stories. However, coaching students is definitely something I can do. So, I'll have to consider that piece of the instruction in this section.


Reply to Noah Basta's post: WOW! That sounds interesting. I would not even know where to begin with something like this. Do tell.

This is where I struggle during classes I facilitate. I am just not into entertainment and jokes. Especially when it comes to technology lectures. Plus, I am truly a weirdo outside of class. I do not like comedy shows. And, I watch tennis or read books about entrepreneurism or being engaged with business ownership. And, there's really not anything funny about those two.

But, what I think I will do (as I have done in past semesters) is ask students if anyone has something hysterically funny that has happened to them in the past month or week? Then, if they… >>>

I learned that I am 90% on the right track after 20 years of teaching in higher ed. There's still some room for improvement and I recognize the need to address some of the needs of students to retain them. I am just not sure how much addressing of their needs I should be responsible for because this was not the behavior of professors when I was coming through undergrad of graduate school. So, times have changed dramatically evidently. I always get the students to introduce themselves at the beginning of the semester whether in-person or on-line. I feel this… >>>

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