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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Solid Training

Look forward to using this knowledge in the classroom

adult learners challange

Advising is a full time responsibililty.  Are other instructors given hours for advisin

Influencing Student Motivation

Surprise! motivation can be difficult task in adult learners due to so many other demands on their time.  An encouraging enthusiastice attitude on the Instructors part is paramount! I like to include a relevant inspirational quote at the beginning of class and at the end of the term pass out a compilation of quotes for the student's binders.

frustrated mom

a student is charging through a particularly hard time in her life which draws her away from interaction with lecture on different occasions. as an instructor; the capacity to understand this shift in passion/emotion is important. Not only did this capacity lead to more productivity and security in the classroom, but appears to have helped in the students life outside of work and study.

New Instructor

Hi Everyone : )

My name is Michael, and I am a new Clinical Instructor at ECPI Greensboro, NC. I will be starting my very first teaching position in just under a week. I am excited and looking forward to meeting the students and other instructors. 

Student Retention feedback

There were some ups and downs with the course, mostly ups. I had an issue with the question of letting students create a gripe session without an outcome. That was marked as a true statement, but the fact that the question asked if a situation without an outcome could be effective told me that it was a false statement. Also, the suggestion of taking photos of students at the beginning of class seemed a bit strange. Perhaps it's because that I'm a male instructor who spends quite a bit of time at a nursing school (i.e., majority female students), but… >>>

Checks for understanding

I buy several packs of notecards at the beginning of the term. I pass them out at the beginning of the class. At the end of the class, I will ask the student to take 1 minute and write the important things they learned. Or I will ask them to write suggestions for the material. Sometimes I give them a particular thing we discussed in class and ask the students to tell me everything they know about that thing. The students never know what the questions will be, so I think that keeps them sharp during class. It is very… >>>

Smart Student Motivation

Having an extremely knowlegible student presents a challege in keeeping him/her motivated. One method I use is to have that student help other students who are having problems, which in turn keeps the knowlegible student motivated by allowing him/her to show their knowledge.

Student Motivation

I am most interested in using the info gained in this course to focus more on making my students aware of their own intrinsic motivation and why that is ultimatley more important than extrinsic motivation.  

The Human Side of Learning

This part of the learning process is sometimes slippery to grasp. Many times I have assumed that anybody in a career college should be responsible, serious and mature. When I don't notice these qualities I start wondering what is wrong?. However I have learned from this lesson that a little more concern and involvement in my individual and all students' lives is crucial for developing a positive learning environment. This environment forms the basis for being able to identify issues that would subbotage learning and address them early enough. Retention is a product of this intricate process. 

Retention and Motivation

I found this Program to be extremely useful. I received many tips that I will use with my students. I highly recommend 

this program to anyone intereted in learning about motivating students and themselve. The student retention information was also very useful. I will enjoy using what I learned in the classroom next week. 

Staying on track

I would say every instructor can lose focus from time to time. Taking time after each term to refocus. Students pick up on your every emotion. Your retention affects your students retention.

EDT 102

I enjoyed the material in this course. I wish there had been more Harvard video. I found there comments very useful.

ED102 Refection and Action Plan

This course reinforced the importance of knowing students by name and motivating them throughout the course. I have a greater respect for how important it is to know them and listen to their concerns. The reason I say this is yesterday, I got two students names wrong in the lab and could see with the look on one of their faces that she was disappointed that I didn't know her name. I must do better. I will do better with placing the face with the name.


Extrinsic motivators for adults...

 What sort of extrinsic motivators are most commonly used in a college English course. I would love to hear everyone's feedback!

Promoting Autonomy in the Classroom

Often, as an instructor in a developmental English course, I face the challenge of student ability verse student motivation. I find it perplexing in an 8 week course to inidividually get to know the abilities of each of my students, what motivates them, and how to incorporate that in daily lesson plans and activities. After reviewing this course, I am going to actively, with vigor, incorporate activities and lessons that promote student autonomy. This motivational key would work well with the students in my classroom. Working in a secure classroom is something that developmental students need to feel. I always… >>>

Student Retention

The online learning reinforced some of the approaches that I take with my students such as consistent feedback, allowing them to speak, sharing personal experiences and encouraging participation. I plan to continue to do these things as I continue with my teaching career.


i will remember my students names because it is a sign of respect. students like to know that their instructor remembers them

Enhancing Student Retention

I liked the idea of showing excitement for your class, keeping eye contact with students and acknowledging your students while they are speaking shows respect and that you care. I also learned to to pay attention to body language. I will use these techniques in motivating my students.

love your class and it will grow

Love your class and it will grow, I am a true believer of this statement. If you are teaching a class that you really enjoy the excitement will show, the time will fly by, the students are more likely make spread the word that "you have to take this class" other students will feel more at ease with talking to you even if you haven't had them in your class yet. So like planting a tree, you must take care when planting it to ensure a solid foundation, check up on it daily, and give plenty of attention.

By loving… >>>