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Mary Allen

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What I learned is that listening and learning from seasoned peers is a great resource.  I also learned that there is always someone in the class who maybe smarter than myself.  Lastly, I learned to know who and what I bring to the class as the Educator, and that at the end of the day, I am the expert with the education, experience, and capability of leading the classroom.

I enjoyed learning how the flipped classroom promotes constuctivism and promotes social/collaborative learning. Learners talk among themselves and share their understandings, feelings, knowledge, and experiences to come up with new knowledge. While as the educator, I become the facilitator to encourage the learners to interact, exchange views, and experiences then construct (come up with) meaning and knowledge that is based on what they already know. 

I have learned so far that there are three steps to take when flipping a class and it starts with Journaling.


I would like to share the concept of "Cat naps" is not a sign of mental channel surfing.  The phrase is just as it says.  It is a brief nap.

T have learned from this module is that there are many ways to engage the student to actively participate in his or her learning and as a facilitator, it is my responsibility to assess my students and come up with the best format for my group.

I have learned that activities can increase the learner's confidence and promotes success in those who needs a little more review than others.

I have learned from this module is that subliminal review is a great learning tool.

I have learned from this module is that if we have a positive, memorable link with our peers if we engage and become interested in each other (bonding).

This lesson has taught me to remember that the students may have a different perspective about learning than mine.

It was refreshing to learn about the terms security and autonomy with regards to how to influence student motivation.  For me this new information is a form of constructivism.


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