Cecilia Gregg

Cecilia Gregg

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I learn when students learn. Their unique perspectives provide me opportunities to stay connected and relevant with today's students.

The value of badges was highlighted in the material covered in this section. Badges show employers a range of candidate’s experience and skills. Badges can help employers determine the best fit of potential employees. 

I really considered how technology can be a help, instead of a hinderance for student learning. Using various technology applications can help students stay engaged. 

Comment on Christopjher Witt's post: Great point, Christopjher.

As faculty, we can adapt to student expectations to help maintain the student-centered approach to learning, an important goal of the student experience.

Allowing students to select their own research topics makes for more meaningful connections with content. 

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Faculty can help students stay engaged in their learning by using real-world examples. When students can apply the knowledge they've learned, they see the value of their education more clearly and understand the connections with their intended career outcomes. 

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