Diana Carolina Romero Dinas

Diana Carolina Romero Dinas

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Identifying the type of online students we are facing is crucial to help us manage conflicts and attrition. Also, we need to be familiar with the institutional guidelines and codes.

Students may exit our courses due to different situations related to how they feel, their workload, and their life responsibilities, but as instructors,  we should help them find options and encourage them to finish their classes. 

Teaching is challenging, but teaching online courses is even more difficult, in my opinion. One of the obstacles to connecting with the students is to get them involved in discussions. 

Asynchronous and synchronous discussions are different. In this module, I learned about synchronous discussions which are the ones that are done in real time. 

Since not all our students dominate technology or are fast typing we need to help them by identifying them and creating opportunities for them to participate and encourage them.

I  learned in this module that there are similarities in the establishment of our relationship with the students within the traditional academic setting and in e-learning. As instructors is vital to try our best to connect with the students to be able to deliver our message in the best way possible. 

Although I consider myself proficient in different CMS, the support of the technical support team is always crucial for me. Also, I am learning that familiarity with the institution's strategies and methodology is vital.

Life is stressful. We cannot control many aspects of it. However, we can try to manage it.

This course helped me to remember the importance of managing my time wisely and its impact on my stress.

Also, I think it is important to share our knowledge with others, especially if we see them struggling. 

Learning healthy coping mechanisms can save our lives and others.


Too much stress can affect our health and reduce our productivity.

The course gives us very useful tools to identify our stressors, which I think is the first step to having a better life.

Comment on Shayna Sykes's post: I agree.

Time is a precious resource.

If we stay organized, it becomes easier to complete our tasks, and it saves us a lot of time. 

Comment on JUNE VASQUEZ's post: I cannot agree more. Organization is a every day task.

I appreciate the information that I am learning about time management.

I like to create a "to-do list" all the time, but thanks to this course I am learning better ways to prioritize and organize my tasks to manage better my time. 

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