Thais Jensen

Thais Jensen

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I feel if I have a positive attitude and because I’m a new instructor and they see that I am putting my best efforts into all that I am teaching them I hope they will be motivated  to do the same .

I will come with a positive attitude  , motivational words of encouragement and let them know they are in a safe space . 

I liked and learned tips from the inclusion of Refocusing for the class when there is a slump . 

I think I will put an effort into keeping the students engaged by showing my enthusiasm for what I’m teaching by implementing different ideas to subjects I myself find mundane.

I think by showing your enthusiasm and passion you have for the field they want to succeed and work in , this will be a motivation to reach the end goal for them.

I will definitely use the 3x5 card game getting to know you.

Yes,  I find practicing my demonstrations  and lecturing with a variety works well for my students .

I keep a notebook with a checklist and post it notes for small tasks . These keep me focused on what needs to be done before class finishes and reminds to tell them of what to expect in the next class .

Sometimes I feel like I’m well prepared and then my time will be too short or I will run over .
I learned to from the course to make notes which I will use but are there any other tips anyone has that may be useful?

One of my goals is to transfer maintaining a positive attitude. One way I begin  every morning with a positive and end our day with a positive attitude. 

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