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Recognizing the EduPreneurial Side of your School | Origin: RT104

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Best Practices to Enhance Student Retention --> Recognizing the EduPreneurial Side of your School

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

It is great to understand and encourage the student to help them see their potential.

Instructors need to be a guide when it comes to motivating students to remain in school. Working with the admissions department is a plus because they already know the student goals and family life. I have found that when you reference their family members by name, it shows that you were paying attention.


Teachers need to teach and teach well. They need to understand their job, their school and the students future is in their hands. The styudents need to feel comfortable and fit in. They need to know you will push them when they need it and congradualte them for reaching their goals.

We all need to help the student to see their dream even if their lives have obstacles. They need to realize that we all have obstacles but the dream could still be accomplished.

It is important for instructors to refocus their students back onto their original goals for starting school. This can keep them motivated to complete their education.

This is a really good way to think about school's having a business side.  I am proud to be part of the team.  

Keeping the students motivated once they have begun is important, talking and encourging them thast they can complete and reach their goal.

From this module I have learned that it is in the best interest of the business and the student to care about the student's success and help them grow to their full potential. It is important to know what motivates the student so that you can remind them of that when they are having a difficult time.


Letting students know they are not alone can help them stay in school. Providing personal examples of previous educational struggles will help them realize others understand their frustrations.

As an educator it is extremely important to embrace the EduPreneurial Side of the school. Students are the ADVERTISING VANGUARD OF ANY SCHOOL. This is a huge part of any school system. As a matter of fact all employees should invest in the students' SUCCESS.

As instructors we are here to educate and the students are here to receive education. However, we are learning from the students while they are learning from us. Understanding the students’ habits, attitudes (positive/negative), beliefs and expectations will strengthen and improve our approach to different cultures and norms.

As the trained personnel we should give more than we receive and help the students to achieve success using traditional and non-traditional educational techniques.

It is business model thinking, but with the heart of human compassion for the student, not only money.

To help students create a vision and continue to strive for it!


Students are our customers and everyone on campus can create a positive customer experience for students. Students can enter college without the study skills and positive beliefs about their success they need to have in order to succeed. Supportive, positive people and programs can change this in order to help students succeed.


As educators, we need to be the student's cheerleaders and encourage them to succeed! The more successful the student is then the more successful the college is!

It is important for us as educators to pay attention to our students. Doing so allows us to recognize what struggles a student muight be facing and gives us the ability to better assist the student. Encouragment and persistance can go a long way with students.

Customer Service is key to the success of a school. It is possible to be nice, stick to policy, while providing optimal customer service. 


Using a student's long term goals are great for motivation. 

Using Habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations as a way to encourage a student by addressing each facet focusing on the positive. 


Understanding our own HABE's can help students struggling to understand their own difficulties. Sharing our own difficulties as we made our journey through education and work experiences can  help a student that is struggling with creating a vision to see a positive path for thier own future.


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