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Customer service will always play an important role in the education system. Positive, Motivation and Encouragement all are helpful to strive for achievement 

It's important to provide students exceptional teaching so they may learn the material well and apply it in the real world. 

Students are also paying for a service like a customer for any business


Customer Service is the hallmark of good business. Having evryone buy in from the security to the receptoonsit to the faculty will go a long way in ensuring student retention


Eduprenurial is a great concept that all colleagues should know in the academia. As leaderss, we have the repsonsibility to balance acdemia and business. We have to admit students that meets the basic crietria to qualify for the program. Admission is revenue. Then, we have to keep our students and allow them to persist to graduate and get their degree. This is done by provising academic rigor and hiring qualified faculty members. We need to admit and mainatin students in order fot the organization to surived and provide stuent and colleague resources.

As an administrator, it is important that I am able to articulate to my team that while our main responsibility is to educate students and prepare them to pass the boards, we also should be good stewards of the reosurces of the company. We are srill a business institution and requires financial support in order to carry out our obligations to our customers.

I thought the HABe portion was very interesting and the vision of the student before they start versus after they begin.  It is natural that a few will change their minds, but it is fascinating to now wonder about the real "why" - ie the HABE


I learned to not let preconceived notions blind you from better options or seeing the good in the situation. I learned the importance of visualizing what you are working towards. Also what you think is essentially what you are going to get. Maintaining poisitive thoughts creates positive outcomes.  I must focus on all othe good that students have to offer. I also must reflect of my habits and thoughts to make sure that I projecting waht I woud like for my students.

Encouraging, and inspiring students is essential to helping them understand and own their struggles. This allows them to make a change in behavior, adjust their approach, and improve for success.

Students are customers paying for education, that is important to remember regarding retention. 


As administrators, faculty, and staff, it is important for us to always look for our own blind spots. What am I missing? What am I not seeing?

This was great information. I appreciated the significance of HABES. I especially enjoyed the reminder in the area of “Beliefs” – it’s so important that not only students believe in themselves but that we believe in them – truly believe that they CAN be successful. I will be aware of identifying possible blind spots with both students and co-workers. - Danielle, PMI

Letting student know they are not alone in their learning experience.

As instructors, we are to guide and motivte the students toward the end goal - graduation!


After attending traditional university as well as career schools myself, I realized from day one starting as an instructor that it is our job to motivate and guide our students educationally but that they're also our customers. This is a simply balancing act for someone with the correct mindset, however it becomes tricky to teach this to staff and educators who are either more focused solely on education or on their individual jobs and tasks. Where I would love feedback here, is how do you inspire or lead a variety of staff from multiple schools to embrace the Edu-Preneurial spirit? It's hard to gain the buy-in without sounding like "corporate," or like a motivational speaker of sorts. Our company culture fits well with this mindset, however it is not embraced by many of our staff at various campuses. As Education Director I woud love to find a way, or ways, of shaping our culture to empower receptionists, instructors, admissions, managers, and beyond to take on this way of thinking. I believe leading by example is first - my original thought is to get our managers into a cohesive mindset and then work on empowering them to instill this into their staff. 


It is important to help the student create a vision so that they can work towards that goal. I once read that the difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline and studnets need to keep that in mind when working on meeting their goals. 

It is a tremendous help to get students to set thier goal and WHY they want to achieve from the moment they walk in the door.


All departments should work together to ensure the students get the best education possible. The students are the reason that we are employed and their success and education should be our first priority. All departments should collectively work together to ensure students are receiving the education that they are paying for. 

great overall

Motivate the students to see their potential. 

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