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Maili Torres

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I love the idea of the t-shirts! This is useful for students who take health assessment when they are struggling to know where to place the stethoscope to visualize underlying organs.

I really like all the ideas for clinicals such as the bingo card and the dots to assess their progress.

I have been in a few situations where it was challenging to find a way to teach difficult concepts. This module explained how to find different ways to approach these situations. 

It was interesting to learn about backward chaining since this is a different approach to the usual process of working from the objectives to the goal. I'd be interested in trying this out to see how it works.

I learned that the smallest things that make the biggest difference, such as having the shy student sit closer to you and how music has a positive impact in the classroom, if used appropriately. 

I like the different techniques of how to address various student behaviors.

Some people that lack emotional intelligence many times don't realize how their behavior affects themselves and others. It's an important characteristic to have. 

It was interesting to see how high the percentage is for people skills compared to technical skills.

Finding the right person to join your team also involves collaborating with the recruiter because they may not always know the important things that faculty are looking for in a potential colleague.

Comment on Elizabeth Murphy's post: Great point! Especially if your instructors have demonstrated positive student outcomes, you would want to mimic that. 

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