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This Way to Leadership | Origin: LS106

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This Way to Leadership

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I found this training to be very helpful in developing and refinining my Personal Leadership Development Plan.

In this training, I learned about a few new tools to use to assess leadership qualities.  I intend to use some of these assessments when interviewing individuals for a position.



Where do you find the assessments they list to take?

I think some pieces were missing from this training via the modules. I learned from what was available. Thank you. 


This was very helpful in reflecting on my next steps. 


I have learnt how to properly develop me PLDP


Very helpful in identifying next steps. 

Very insightful lesson that provided a detailed layout for PDLT.


A very nice leason really into personal develoment plan and how everythign works together. Also real goals for the education career path going foward. 

I'm interested in learning more about 360 feedback tools that we have available at our institution. I would like to gather feedback from my team and try to adapt to their perceptions of my leadership. 


Leadership is to be practiced and assessed. It is important for leaders to have SMART tools included in their Professional Leadership Development Plan. A good leader is open to feedback so as to revise and renew his approach to leadership. it is important to know who you are as an idividual and how your personality, character and behaviour can affect and influence the people that you lead. 


I will do my personal assessments, create my plan and work towards achieving my outcomes within a realistic timeframe based on realistic, specif and measurable goals. I will enterain feedback from staff and peers and other evaluators on my performance and use that information to revise and renew my approach as necessary. Possibly setting higher and more challenging goals. 


I enjoyed how the videos provided clear differences between the leader and the manager while accentuating the two must coexist. Very helpful.


Dr. Miller

This series was helpful in fine tuning leadership and management.

A practical and straightforward guide to preparing a PLDP (Personal Leadership Development Plan).


A good review of the PLDP and how it can be a useful review tool to measure growth.


A great review of all the different ways a leader can organize their career goals and a number of assessments and tools to solicit feedback on performance improvement. Used correctly, all of these tools are used as a positive feedback loop to move towards better and better leader performance.

I haven't performed a PDLP previously. This was instrumental in providing its purpose and helping me to define my goals. 


I found this course to be very helpful in developing my own leadership legacy statement as well as my PLDP.

This was very helpful in reflecting on my next steps. 

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