Abraham Cicchetti

Abraham Cicchetti

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Excellent reminders of techniques used to engage difficult interactions and situations. Engaging with peers, managers, and customers in a positive way after issues arise is also highly important!

I was glad to see that my organization follows a similar process regarding the job offer and orientation part of this topic. I intend to keeping following the same process.  

I appreciated the learning about the multiple-hurdle method. This method is the quickest, least expensive hiring steps early in the hiring process and saving the more time-intensive and costly steps for later. I intend on apply it in the faulty selection process. 

I think it is important to examine the recruitment process periodically to achieve desired outcome. Finding the right fit for both the organization and the candidate allows for a better relationship from the beginning.  

Job analysis is very important in finding the correct talents for your instituation. Have a clear description of expectations is essential for all departments within the organization. Looking forward to applying such points. 

I appreciated the content explaining strategic thinking as a process and comes in different phases. In addition, creating the right environment is essential for cultivating strategic solutions. 

There are many different risks and emergencies that may occur. How to deal with a crisis and uncovering ways to defuse situations is a good skill set to obtain. I appreciated this module and the content shared. 

As a hiring manager, its very important to review these basic principles. Asking effective questions is a very simple, yet important way to know your candidate(s). I will continue to apply such practices. 

Negotiation is an art form that can be practiced over time. Remembering the different steps with be a challenge; However, looking forward to using these skills. 

Very helpful in identifying next steps. 

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