Tanisha Bent

Tanisha Bent

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I have learned to be prepared, identify my BATNA, control my emotions and know when to walk away if there is a stalemate, deadlock, communication breakdown or no done of possible agreement. 

Decision making takes time, but it must not be rushed, neither should time be wasted. It is important to know when to decide, what aspects of the decision to share, how and with whom.

Leadership is to be practiced and assessed. It is important for leaders to have SMART tools included in their Professional Leadership Development Plan. A good leader is open to feedback so as to revise and renew his approach to leadership. it is important to know who you are as an idividual and how your personality, character and behaviour can affect and influence the people that you lead. 


I will do my personal assessments, create my plan and work towards achieving my outcomes within a realistic timeframe based on realistic, specif and measurable goals. I will enterain feedback from staff and… >>>

Listening, listening empathetically and seeking clarity are very crucial steps in gaining understanding the person you are speaking to and the situation. Leaders need to have emotional intelligence which is self management and realtionship skills in order to communicate effectively. It is best to first understand, then to be understood.


Leadership legacy should inspire, establish priorities, focus on time, allow you to see your impact based on history and the present and provide a catalyst for action.


Character and personality traits are important for leadership impact. Leaders cannot exist without followers.

A leader needs to inspire his team towards achieving results. I will make my team feel important and use inspirational stories and examples to guide and influence them. I will also be innovative, caring, truthful, consistent, committed and open to their opinions while presenting my competence and ability to drive change encourage them towards achieving outcomes.


I am learning that I have the capacity to lead by setting goals for groups of persons and influencing them towards achieving them. I can also be a manager in guiding and motivating my team.


Conflict is normally caused by misunderstanding. Getting to the root cause and finding solutions to these problems can help to make the workplace a more productive environment. Identifying conflict is important and focus should be given to the differences and underlying intentions when attempts are being made to to resolve conflict.


Presentation requires proper planning, knowing your material, your audience, providing audio, visual and kinesthetic data. In making presentations it is ok to be nervous and there are ways to get over that by breathing, exercizing and visualizing tranquil settings, most of all, ne prepared. Have questions for your audience and be prepared to respond to their questions at a specific time during presentation, bearing in mind questions can be good but can also throw off presentation. Get feedback from audience and trusted participants and use both negative and positive feedback to guide future presentations.


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