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I possess more a leader style; however, I also possess managerial skills.

I learned that leaders are visionary, and the managers keeps the ball rolling.

What I have learned from this video is that a good manager is trusted and trust those she manages.

Having self-awareness make me a better leader. I must know "thyself" and understand me before I can lead others.

As a leader, I must be self-aware and be open to listen. 

I believe I am more of a leader; however, I also possess managerial skills as well. I am both a leader and manager. 

I learned that Leaders set the vision, inspire and keeps the team moving to accomplish the mission. Managers are hands-on to make sure the team is executing and achieving the goals.

I've realized that in general I have different relationships with different staff members.  I would like to focus on building relationships with those that I lead but do not interact with as frequently.  This will be an exercise in emotional intelligence because I will be required to learn what others think, believe, and value, and respond to their perceptions in ways that are congruent with their expectations while also ensuring that I present myself in a way that shows I value and understand them. 

As a leader, I treat my team they way I want to be treated - professionalism, respect, integrity, caring, and engagement. I seek to inspire, motivate and challenge the team to common goals and purposes. 

I learned that a top performer in an organization doesn't always qualify the individual for a management position.

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