Perry Conley

Perry Conley

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I learned that one should provide a possible solution to a situation rather than just make it known that there is an issue.


In order to facilitate change, one has to realize why the change is necessary and be able to explain it. 


I've learned that people need to talk things out for themselves to solve issues. I've also learned that when I have self-doubt about my abilities, I can list my qualities to boost my self-esteem.


In order to delegate, you have to be willing to accept responsibility for the final product. With this said, Choosing the right person(s) for the task and the correct task is integral to the final outcome. One also has to be willing to coash without micromanaging.


I have learned various techniques for interviewing and assessing. 


I haven't performed a PDLP previously. This was instrumental in providing its purpose and helping me to define my goals. 


I learned about apprciative inquiry and its usefulness in reframing. 


While I already knew that the amount of financial aid a student from low to middle income receives affects their ability to attend and graduate, Idid not realize that many times, schools with more "influence" can often find means to lower the net cost even more than smaller schools. 


I was able to learn about the relationship between leaders, followers, and the situation.


I was familiar with older types of Leadership styles (Democratic, Authoritarian, Lassiz Faire). It actually came as a surprise to see so many different types. 


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