Ignacio Tolosa

Ignacio Tolosa

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Many good recommendations for helping you prepare better for negotiations. Manage emotions. Stop escalation, recognize built-in biases and have back up plans.


It is always great to identify new strategies and refresh old ones that could help us manage time more effectively.

Simple, straightforward, practical session!


Many good points to consider when making decisions. Do not rely too much on experience and assumptions, be careful with status quo, avoid emotional attachments.

Bring people that think different than you.

Keep everyone abreast.

Communicate effectively and fairly.


A practical and straightforward guide to preparing a PLDP (Personal Leadership Development Plan).


Very comprehensive session. Definitely important to choose  which persuasion triggers to activate in order to win hearts and minds.


A really comprehensive guide to structure your recruiting strategy. Many excellent suggestions.


Very thoroughly dfined content, explained consistently with practical recommendations. 


Great Lesson that helped me reflect on how I use and could use emotional intelligence, Innovation and Appreciative inquiry.


Great opportunity to reflect on what we would like to accomplish and leave behind. What type of positive impact on society we are hoping to make.


I believe a tend to lead with a combination of a role up sleeves pacesetting and coaching styles, while I can see times in which I have used a democratic or affiliate styles as well. Situational leadership is definitely helpful in identifying what is best for each ocassion, but you should not be jumping around with different styles all the time.


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