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I'll admit sometimes I'm still a little confused with the difference because they do seem to share similar qualities. However, I understand that a manager is more "in the trenches" and a leader is kind of like the visionary of a small group. I am able to apply these definitions to people I know in my own life which helps me recognize the qualities easier.

Leadership is key. 

I learned the value of PLDP in leadership.

I love the course. I plan on making sure that I have communicated realistic and clear expectations. I will also being empathetic and listening.

I believe leadership is a skill that needs to be used frequently but on the other hand you need a foundation to back you up 

This was a great lesson.  Based on the materials, I believe that I manage and lead.  We operate with a very small team.  My success has been and will continue to be linked to my effectiveness in both areas.  

I believe that I manage and lead. Lesson one taught us that a good leader is also a good manager. It takes a little of both,

By learning about these two concepts, I can say that I am more a leader than a manager since to me it is more important the morale behind a task than the task itself.

I lead my group and I have strong managers as well as good followers. 

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Hi Tanisha

Thank you; yes leadership traits help along with knowledge, skills and teh ability tomotovate 


Dr Ajmal

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