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Leaders are meant to inspire while managers help to implement the goals and initiatives of the company. Both roles are complementary to one another for success. 

Leaders are futuristic and provide a vision; whereas, managers organize and execute them. Leaders are masters at manifesting ideas. Managers usher those ideas into existence. 

I have learned that leadership and management are different. Many people can manage tasks and projects, which differs from guiding or directing people. Leaders do more than provide instructions or dictate orders while managers are critical in ensuring outcomes are executed accordingly. 

People confuse Leadership with Management. They are different. 

I really enjoyed learning more about the PLDP tool and how I can use it with my Department Chair for the upcoming semester. In addition, I also liked learning about the ways to use it to help develop our team as well. 

There are various tools and resources available to help me become a better leader. The PLDT will help me be more accountable and effective within the department. I can also use this with the team as well. 

The steps of Appreciative Inquiry. Make the team feel comfortable through a positive environment. Focus on what is working well and continue to make those investments. 

Be ready to listen. Be ready to hear something that you may not want to hear. Remove all thoughts in your head prior to the conversation. Ask clarifying questions to confirm your understanding of what you heard. 

As leaders and educators, we need to be aware of the various types of learning so that we are meeting the needs of our students in and out of the classroom. 

This can make or break a leader. There are some very important aspects of leadership that are found in EQ and starting with self - is one of the most important! 

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