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Leaders can not exist without followers

I think there is a fluidity between these styles. Maybe a dominate style but I flow between based on the team and their needs at this time.

I can be an effective manager but not for long because I then start thinking about the next step, the change, the next vision. I admire managers/maintainers. 

Leaders ensure the team sees the vision and mission, managers delegate the tasks that move the organization towards the vision and mission

The best way to get people to perform and achieve goals is to make sure they are bought into the plan. I always forget how long it takes to take a team all the way through the vision and into operations and systems building. 

I have not been leading well.  WOW!

To be effective, you must be able to identigy the learning styles

Everyone benefit from great leadership qualities.  Implimenting the leadership skills is what I truly have to embrace and apply quickly

This course is interesting because I took it after taking the EQ-I ( Emotional Quotient Inventory) assessment which showed that my assertiveness and empathy were above average but the independence aspects were drastically lower (which can impact authenticity). However, this course connects the two more rather than seeing them individually.

To always set clear expectations and provide a positive and encouraging path for followers to arrive at the objectives defined. 

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