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Great Managers make great Leaders!


I am excited today to face my class with my newly learned skills. I will present this course to all my instructors. 

self awareness

first to understand then to be clear and specific to increase creditability,

all areas covered

diagrams, books and hands-on demonstration, with verbal instruction covers all the bases.

learning style awareness

to enhance the student's educational experience, introduce to them your observation of their learning style.

Lesson Summary

Summarizing the lesson is a wise practice at the end of a lesson for types of learners to make sure we reinforce key concepts and ensure that everyone is on the same page before moving on to the next topic.

Leadership vs Management

Dr. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse created a nursing theory and a model for leadership. Parse identifies that leaders commit to a vision, are willing to take risks, and revere others (Parse, 2008).  I find that good leaders have a vision, are willing to risk to achieve the vision, and do not compromise holding others in high regard. The poor leaders that I have worked with often lack in one of these 3 areas.

Parse, R. R. (2008). The humanbecoming leading-following model. Nursing Science Quarterly 21 (4), 369-375. 


Action Plan

I will definitely be looking for the positive characteristics in Managers in my people. I will resist the pull to put into a manager role someone who is just a high performer but does not possess the people skills critical to the manager role. I have some great managers under me who are great at influencing and persuading their teams. They have great collaboration skills and are able to mobilize their teams when needed. I think trust plays a big role whether you are a leader or a manager. 

Authentic leadership

I think it is important to be a transparent and ethical leader. Authentic leadership inspires those you lead. An authentic leader needs to be able to reflect, take responsibility and be aware of both their strengths and weaknesses. They are willing to come alongside and help get the work done, they are both a leader and manager. 

Acton Plan

To take what has been provided in our traing and put it into action


In the short time iI've been in leadership has showed me where my weakness and strength lies. With that I am able to focus on strengthing my weakest area

My goal to become an inpiring Leader

In my vast years of being a Manager in my work place, I have always aspired to become a more effective Leader.  This course has helped me understand the intricate differences and similarities of both Management and Leadership.  I am even more so motivated to implement the Leadership styles I have learned in this course with my already existing, Management skills.

Appreciative Inquiry

I Always see where its best to ask about whats working well instead of focusing on the things that are not working. Try to keep discussions positive nd end on a positive note. There is a way of leading the dicussions in the positive.

Managers and Leaders

This topic is very important to all faculty.

All faculty are leaders. I do believe that we do interchange between the role of leader and manager.

As a leader, we do go back and forth between us the faculty and the students. We assess the group and find out what we need to do to help the students learn and understand.

Being a Leader

Being a leader is important when determining goals and ways to implement the goals that the organization may not even realize it has. The Leader is someone who is able to look into the people of their group and uplift them, encourage them, and give them the space to win on their own, and reward them when they do win.

Lesson 3

This has been my most informative session yet! 

Leadership Styles - I learned a lot more about myself!

Great course. It had me really processing my path to leadership and how I can improve. 

Thinking like a leader!

It was interesting to take the first lesson and realize that I do think more like a leader than a manager. However, I do have to implement a lot of managerial traits into daily activities to oversee the execution of district goals in my specific area. This was a great review. 

LS101 Manage or Lead

I like this course alot ande learned to differentiate between the two.

I will try to apply what I learned to improve myself as a Faculty member.

great class

it wasa great class