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Sahzeah Babylon

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I have learned that I really am terrible at time management.  I push myself to hard, I am overly tired, worried about work constatntly, answer emails all the time, and stress myself out.  And I multitask.


To be a strategic thinker takes a concerted effort to change not just the way you think, but how one thinks about leading a team.  I beleive that great strategic thinking also clears out negative thoughts because negativity has no options and strategic thinkers always are looking for the other options.


I believe that I need to work on developing a role as a manager and a leader in context of the business of my day at work.  When I have a lot to do I am less inclinde to demonstrate the essential skills needed in a leadership/manager.  I just want to focus on my own responsibilites and not those of the people around me.  It is that balance that I am struggling to grasp.  When does being a leader and a manager take prescedent over my own requirements as an employee first?


I appreciated the big picture look at the ways being positive with students becomes actions not just concepts.  


EQ being just as important as IQ or even more so.  I wish there was a more expansive section on real examples to mentor EQ with students.


I thought the HABe portion was very interesting and the vision of the student before they start versus after they begin.  It is natural that a few will change their minds, but it is fascinating to now wonder about the real "why" - ie the HABE


I feel that the unspoken action was to first start with a team of people who have their own intelligent hearts so that they in turn can teach others around them the wisdome via the mentoring combined with the compassion and commitement to monitor.


I am realizing that my current professional position has no student governement, no clubs, no appreciation activities which is very odd but it is also odd that no one (including myself) has noticed this either.  I will have to investigate this further.


I really enjoyed the grid on listening, reflecting and asking a new question.  Such an important tool to learn to listen and not speak.


What I have learned is that there are any number of reasons why students can struggle, but there are very clear answers on what our role is as educators to motivate students to continue.


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