Sahzeah Babylon

Sahzeah Babylon

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I liked the emphasis on authenticity in communication, being original, responsive, and staying invested in warm leads.

I liked the feel, felt element of communication and connection with students.

I really enjoyed the Communication Hierarchy, I can see how that can be a really useful tool with literally any communication.


Provide students with bites of information that make your school stand out from the rest.

I had never considered the various roles that team members play.  I wish there were printable quizzes or team building activities that that were provided to help teams find out who finds which roles most relateable.

What I am happy to realize is that for the first time professionally I actually work in a really great cohesive environment for collaboration.  It really does come down to the people as a team working towards the goal and not for the specific interests of any one person.


I learned I need to make a reminder grid for myself on how to contact who and when.

It is important to expect that conversations across generations of students need to be done in different ways and styles and results can vary depending on the tactic used.

Love the STAR approach!

I appreciated the skills transference examples, and the links to search engines.

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