Sharan  Ravishankar

Sharan Ravishankar

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I learned all the diffirent kind of styles of persuading and making sure that what ever persuation style was choosen it really depends on the audience that you are using it for. 


I learned the various diffirent styles of communication and presentation styles. It was very interesting to learn about the call to action and how to capture your audience when you speak. 


Goals are very important and there are diffirent kinds of them for sure! 


There was a lot of things to learn and to implement. One of them to make sure the student is valued. In some of the secession and simulator we have to make sure we choose our words very carefully, so that we don't say something else. Also to stay in complicance with everything and making sure to allocate everythng properly. 


There was a lot of things about audits that I thought was interesting and new. And there should be accoutable for that certain audit as well. 

The thing that I took away was that Sarbanes-Oxley was used in schools as a form of regulation. I thought that was pretty interesting. 

What I took away from this lesson was that there are multiple levels of vertification when it comes to employment. 


There are a lot of regulatory bodies that one has to be aware off. 


There is a lot to learn in the lesson most of them include to make sure what effective praticies a individual can do when hiring someone. You want to straight foward and ask as much information as you want. There is more off a structured and unstracuted type of interview and that is exactly what is going on. 


Interviewing and hiring someone includes many diffirent facets. 


A wealth of knowledge in everythign that has to do with leadership. Something that I have learned and that I will be implmenting is listening more and being more emphathetic when addressing people. 


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