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Feeling overwhelmed with all of the great information

Everyone at school has to be on board, receptionist, admissions, FA and Career Services.  The instructors and Campus director have to be nice too!  

Listening to students and their families.  Here what it is that they are looking for . . .  is your school a good fit for the student?    

Always listening to your student that is in front of you and not make assumptions about them.  

Maintaining an even keel and letting things slide off and repeat positive affirmations.  Exercise and eat healthy foods.  All great advice.  

I will give it a try with my own difficult situation at work.

It would be helpful for Admissions to provide adult learners with resources to help with their particular situation if it arises during the admissions interview  

encourage others to share openly their knowledge.  

Reply to Rena Lloyd's post:How do you get the campus director to open Orientation up a little bit more and include staff and faculty?

I like the station idea for Orientation. Our Orientation gets bogged down, when we sell books or start taking photos.  

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