Maimouna  Mongwa

Maimouna Mongwa

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Board members provide their time voluntarily. They are not vested in the institution

I have learnt the importance of hiring and assigning adjunct faculty who are experts in the course they'll be teaching

Hiring faculty who meet the legislative criteria for the state

Communication is paramount to any online education. Keeping faculty engaged through out the process is key.

Use multiple avenues to advertise job openings.

I have learned that ii is also important to plan on retaining faculty not just hiring them

I have learnt tips on giving a good virtual presentation. I will use some of these at my next virtual faculty meeting

- Not being robotic

- Setting my lap top away from a window

- Placing the camera to minmize space above my head


I send a lot of emails and inorder to have my staff read the emails, I have learned and need to write consisely and have each point in a separate paragragh.

I learned the negative effects stress has on the body. I was of the opinion that you don't share your feelings and stresses with coworkers or burden your family member with your stresses. I have learned form this course that it is beneficial to talk to others about your worries. Talking relieves stress.

This course is an eye opener to the importance of embracing diversity in the work place. Also learned about the misconceptions about different ethnic groups that occur in the work place.

I have learned that there is alot that occurs before a candidate can be interviewed or even hired. I have learned the processes inlvolved and many organizations might run thisng differently but the basic principles are the same.

I will apply this knowlege in hiring adjunct facuty for my organization

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