Anita Mork

Anita Mork

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It is important for leaders to remember to use the principles of emotional intelligence when leading a team.  Team members need to feel that they are appreciated and have a sense of purpose. A good leader instills trust in team members and shows that you care about them.

This is a class that all leaders at my institution should have taken at the start of the covid pandemic.  The couse provided excellent information concerning working and supporting a team through a crisis.

Time management will allow me to make more purposeful choices with the time that I have each day.  I liked the quote "Live your days in accordance with how you would want to live your life."

I have learned some good ways about dealing withstressful situations at work.  The stop, breathe, reflect and choose idea is very helpful and one I will definitely use.

I learned how to deal with common meeting problems and how to determine how many people to invite to a meeting based on type of meeting.  Meetings need to have a firm purpose, not just meeting-to-meet.  Participants will appreciate that.

I learned a lot about managing upward with my boss.  The most important thing that I learned was how to work with a difficult boss.  I also better understand the importance of a good working relationship with my boss and the factors that affect it.  We need to be better with communication that goes both ways not just from the top down.

I found this course to be very helpful in developing my own leadership legacy statement as well as my PLDP.


 I learned how appreciative inquiry will be a valuable tool in working out team challenges as well as using it to spark some new creative ideas.  Empathic listening is a valuable skill when working with students, faculty, and adminstration.  Being able to commit to a conversation by seeking clarity and truly listening are important steps in understanding the person you are speaking with.  I am looking forward to trying some of these new tools in my work.

I've learned more about the importance of creating a good leadership leagacy statement that reflects who I am as a leader.  I have a better understanding of the challenges faced by higher education in today's world after taking this course.

I've learned the importance of considering all three elements of successful leadership and how they interact to achieve a goal.


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