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Get comfortable with being uncomforable. This is how we grind like little Chris Drapper did aka Drapes aka Selke Trophy winner multiple Stanley Cup champion. 


Time management is important in order to get things done that are important and in the required timeframe. It requires that we understand our body and our peak energy and focus times so we can do more challenging tasks at that time. Blocking out or reducing distractions and prioritizing tasks using a schedule can help us to better utilize our precious time. it is ik to say no to more tasks which may belong to others.


Time management is not only important for effective productivity and relieving daily stresses but also prioritizing more meaningful activities with students and staff. 

I learned numerous ways to prioritize and manage my time effectively.

I found this course very useful and how to manage my time more efficiently and help my team manage there's as well.

The topic I found most helpful was "completion addiction". Prioritizing larger, important tasks rather than just ticking off boxes is a more effective way to use time.


I plan to implement what I learned by writing down my priorities of tasks for work and personally.  I learned that time management is the glue that helps us stay organized and allows us to get more accomplished within a given period of time.  It also helps us save from wasting time and energy focusing on tasks that are not important and that are not going towards our goals. 

I have learned it is important to allow time in daily schedules for the unexpected that may come up as well as scheduling times to answer emails so you may remain on task with the schedules. 

using one's time to the best your ability is imperative

This is sssoooo important to being productive and the end result is success!


I believe that effective communication, direction, and the perceived outcome will help meet this goal of effective time management. 


It is always great to identify new strategies and refresh old ones that could help us manage time more effectively.

Simple, straightforward, practical session!


I have learned to better prioritize tasks for the day ahead based on what is most important. In addition, I will try to be better at paying more attention to when I might be trying to procrastinate or multitask and aim to focus my energy on one task so I can get it done effectively and do quality work. 


I gained better perspective on how to manage time wisely. There should be a balance for work and play.

And the idea of incentivizing self is very motivating.

Time Management is important to have to complete all required task and complete. 

I have learned to take mental breaks no shorter than 3 minutes, and go for a walk outside to help ease any burnout.


I learned many valuable tools in this module from timeblocking and prioritizing my days into three main tasks and finding where my peaks and valleys are in my energy levels. I find value in being able to know yourself well enough to know what the best times of day will be to perform specific tasks or funcitons, such as more routine and monotonous tasks when energy is low and more creative or complex tasks when you have the most energy or mental clarity. In one of the linked podcast episodes, they spoke on creating a timeblock calendar to run by your boss to gather feedback on the most important tasks in a week. I think it's also important to schedule contingency time, especially in our field, becuase little fires or challenges can come up in a moment's notice. This way you still have time carved out to complete the tasks that you need to do as well as want to do. 

I have learned that I really am terrible at time management.  I push myself to hard, I am overly tired, worried about work constatntly, answer emails all the time, and stress myself out.  And I multitask.


I've learned the importance of prioritizing goals according to the amount of resources needed to complete each task.

I did not realize how poor my time management was. I was sure I was doing great but it started to show that I was not. This course helped me to realize strengths and shortcomings! 

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