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I love this idea of including the accountability of borrowing loans into the culture of the school altogether. Supporting methods of creating more responsible borrowers, means more financially healthy students are being graduated and working in the industry. As the educational institution for cosmetology, the industry starts here and we begin to mold it into what we say it is, from the ground up. We can continue bypassing loan information to get the quick last minute enrollment, or we can take time to educate and empower our students in their decisions. Financial literacy courses would be incredible, but at the… >>>

I took a deep dive in this module and learned a ton about the incentive compensation ban, which is a provision in the Higher Education Act (HEA) that was signed into law in 1992 by George H.W. Bush to prevent for-profit institutions and individuals from employing unethical student recruitment practices. I learned how much substantial misrepresentation can be detrimental to an institution in a variety of ways. It can be something small by one admissions rep, or something systemic in a system of campuses or schools. The best solution I found is transparency should be used in all areas, especially… >>>

While all portions of the hiring process are costly, the actual selection of faculty tends to come at the highest cost in this process. For our schools, post-pandemic, we're doing everything we can to find great instructors for our students. Unfortunately, we have had to skip the technical portion, but I know it to be a great indicator of quality faculty. I think one thing we can do better is providing the RJP during or post-interview for that prospect to evaluate before we call them back for a second interview. We do utilize an instructor assessment as a part of… >>>

There are so many methods to recruitment and multiple layers to this process and how it can affect the company's image, mission, and end goal. I feel that newspaper ads are basically out though, and sites like Indeed, and others, are how things are done at this current moment in time. I feel the pandemic really shifted not only what kind of jobs people are looking for, but how they are looking for them. We have seven schools and we have even started utilizing Facebook to post hiring ads and had some success there in finding Receptionists and some instructors.… >>>

I enjoyed this module and learning how to put together a well-thought job description using job analysis with incumbent observation and interviews. Collaboration is huge in any business, but especially in the business of education. It's important to observe and learn from the people we have who do well and who we want to continue to emulate within the company, in that position. 

Creating, enhancing, and maintaining a positive, effective, and successful culture is a skill that I have intentially worked on improving on for myself since being a leader. I believe the culture sets the tone for all staff and in our case as a career college, also for our students (and for their clients on the salon clinic floor). Culture is the basis for why we do what we did, it is the underlying current that is driven by our mission and perpetuated by staff who believe in what we're doing and work towards promoting that to other staff and to… >>>

Motivation is intrinsic but as leaders and mentors we can do our part to facilitate an environment that increases or sparks motivation. To do that, we need to find creative solutions to students' learning challenges and give them the best tools to overcome the obstacles their facing. Continuing to remind them of their "why," or their goal, can be on way. Another would be to ensure we're teaching to each students' learning type and then also making a human connection with them. Our saying is "friendly, but not friends," to reduce the risk of fraternization which is harmful to school… >>>

After attending traditional university as well as career schools myself, I realized from day one starting as an instructor that it is our job to motivate and guide our students educationally but that they're also our customers. This is a simply balancing act for someone with the correct mindset, however it becomes tricky to teach this to staff and educators who are either more focused solely on education or on their individual jobs and tasks. Where I would love feedback here, is how do you inspire or lead a variety of staff from multiple schools to embrace the Edu-Preneurial spirit?… >>>

In currently working with staff who have been in the industry for 20-30+ years, it has been somewhat of a transition to get them in to the thinking of leading with emotional intelligence and giving students attention. It feels like the former way of enacting the 3M's was holding students accountable because they're "supposed to be there," and "supposed to be working towards their goals." If we've learned nothing else over the years about human nature, it's that positive reinforcement breeds results. I think this module was a great overview of the best practices for all staff to use and… >>>

With this module just touching the surface of accredidation, I found it enlightening to learn that the standards are set broadly by the Department of Education for accreditors to become recognized. Then, once recognized, accreditors standards align with the Department's, however the commission's standards are more specific to a type of institution - but not too prescriptive that it cannot accomade the vast array of educational institutions and business nationwide. For instance, NACCAS accredits cosmetology and massage career schools, and becuase of being a National accreditor - though many things are prescriptive in nature - there is much left up… >>>

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