Lynette BROWN

Lynette BROWN

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The organizitional culture defines our roles in support of the vision and mission. I agree that all members of teh team should have a share in this culture as it creates for a better organisation


Students are the most important constituents, so its important to treat them as such


Customer Service is the hallmark of good business. Having evryone buy in from the security to the receptoonsit to the faculty will go a long way in ensuring student retention


This is a new dimension for me as an admissions rep but the material is goood and is presented to make us better at serving the students


Quite a number of diseases and illness we experience is as a result of of stressful situations. Effectivly manage stress and we willl lead a better longer life 


This is sssoooo important to being productive and the end result is success!


The Relatiohship Cycle is crucial to building that level of trust in the AO and the college by extension. I am new to admissions and realised just how important it is to build people .. profits came way after.  


The techniques and tips given for making the Follow up to students are very clear and should improve the enrollment rate at our college


Ofetn times and in my experince admissions personnel will ignore a challge with cost wih a take it or leave it attitude simply because they believe they may be the student's only choice.  It also comes back to our attitude and enrgy, if those are not positive then we risk losing many prospective students and effectively not doing our jobs well. this module is a great resource in training the AO in dealing with challenges students face


The internet has drastically changed the buying behaviours of the students at a much more faster pace than colleges adapt, however, Covid-19 pandemic has had to re-shift may policies and procedures to catch up. 


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