Adelaine Cailipan

Adelaine Cailipan

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Breaking down skills demonstration in 5-7 steps to keep students focused and engaged.


An Instructor need to be responsible and thorough  developin g  a sructured instructional plan for successful learning experience of the students.


An Instructor should be a good Model, Manager and Motivator. Each student's educational needs and learning styles are dersifferent, so every Insrtuctor will need to come up with effective teaching strategies that will cater to the different types of students/learners. One important trait an Instructor should project to the students is passion about the subject matter discussed to hasten enthusiasm and interest.


I gained better perspective on how to manage time wisely. There should be a balance for work and play.

And the idea of incentivizing self is very motivating.

I have learned to identify the different type of stressors. Andi too much of all types of stressors can lead to bad consequences in health and productivity at work. it is very imperative to know how to eliminate, reduce and learn how to cope with stress.



Space and time management skills are very important to lessen stress and burnout!

Learning to have a balance in everything! Procrastination is a common weakness of each person. But Immediacy can also be one flaw that can lead to burnout and stress. Prioritizing and classifying your to-do-list will give balance and lead to good time management and less stressful situations.

Sharing real life client scenarios which are all based from own experience in nursing practice, has been helpful to keep students focused and engaged during class lectures or clinical post-conferences. It  as a  mix of traditional learning method of teaching and flipped classroom model by involving the students in analyzing the shared clinical scenario. Feedbacks, questions and recommendations were encouraged. 


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