Stefano Bartoli

Stefano Bartoli

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Make goals obtainable.  We need to encourage our staff and/or students through extrinsic and intrinsic motivations.

I like the idea of the 21-day routine and how it becomes a habit afterward.  I have slacked on my working out and I need to pick it up!  Meditation is key to refocus on what is important for the mind and body.

At the beginning of each term, I like to show the students the rubric so they can understand the grades they receive from the instructors. It also shows them how to receive better grades if they follow the rubric.

Breaking down SOAP notes and making the student understand the importance of what each section means.  Understanding that when they are in the clinic, they are being evaluated on what they learned during their time in school.

For some students, the science portion of class can be overwhelming at times.  By creating projects, the students would be more engaged and could have a better understanding of kinesiology.

I found the stop, breath, reflect, and choose method can be very helpful in stressful situations.  Exercise and eating healthy has always been a big part of decreasing stress. Too bad many people don't do it!

I found this course very useful and how to manage my time more efficiently and help my team manage there's as well.

This course has given me options on how to resolve different and difficult situations with employees and how to come to an amicable solution. 

I have enjoyed this course.  I feel that coaching is an important part of leadership.  Guiding your employees to be better can only be beneficial for the company, you as the manager, and of course, the employee who is trying to become better at their job.

I learned how to help develop a plan/strayegy and execute it with my team.

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