Visual Aids

It is important to use visual aids to enhance the content of the presentation not divert the audience’s attention or overwhelm them.
I will ask the three questions before presentation to... >>>

Nonverbal Communication

This reinforced how important it is to be aware of your nonverbal communication as it has such a significant impact on the... >>>


It is so important to listen to what someone is saying and not focus on the... >>>

Skill validation

I have been presenting for 39 years on basically the same subject matter. The points this course brought out were spot on and I learned something in the process of taking this training. It just goes... >>>

Informative Learning!

Sometimes i am guilty of not being able to communicte effectively due to my emotions.  I acan not communicate effectively when I am in that stage. Taking a moment to review and reflect on my... >>>


This was a very informative course that provided great examples on how to implement the key components necessary for the skills to promote. The skills being used in various skits and videos allowed... >>>

Action plan

1. Find out how my team learns?
2. Develop better ways of getting information to them on a timely basis.
3. Be sure to follow up and make sure each person understands their... >>>


Being knowlegable about subject makes it easier to... >>>

The value of feedback and our lack of providing effective feedback

First, let me say that ML 120 is perhaps the best of the dozen or so Max Knowledge courses I have taken.  I have valued effective feedback and have come to a point in my life where I welcome it... >>>

Listening involves several factors

I need to not pseudo listen, I am very guilty of doing... >>>

Effective communication practices

I too agree with the other writers that to be an effective communictor you have to listen. We need to stop talking so much, and take the time to clear our minds, this allows us to be able to listen to... >>>

Presentation Preparedness

I agree with the training in that it is important to be confident in the subject that you are presenting to minimize... >>>


I am usually good at receiving feedback, but in the most recent event, I did let my emotions get in the way and can see how that can make a big difference on what you hear.  I understand how... >>>


I need to remind myself that I am here to support the instructors.  I tend to want to help and solve the problem.  Thus the instructors do not feel supported even though that is my... >>>


I believe is meeting with the clinical instructors face to face to provide information.  It would be best, to meet with them other than during their clinical day.  That would allow the... >>>

Active listening

It is important for me to remember to focus on the conversation at hand, slow down and not worry about what's coming... >>>

Avoid too much information on one powerpoint slide

I realize that I need to go back to some of my powerpoints and simplify... >>>

Communication for Results

I learned that it is important to get feedback from faculty when deciding to make departmental changes rather than to just present the change and then... >>>


Always good to learn something new, great communications skills are the key to... >>>

The right values

Effective communications are the key to success in any type of environment. This enforce the qualities and values of respect, tolerance and empathy for another human being with the same situations and... >>>