body language

non verbal communication is just as important as... >>>


be honest and sincere when speaking with... >>>

Communicating for Results

Communicate with students in a forum they use: instagram, snap chat,... >>>

Plan Before You Write

Know what you want to say then say it as briefly but completely as... >>>

Making presentations

Best presentation are those that have been throughly research and practiced. Having an icebreaker at the begining allow for smooth opening to... >>>


non verbal communication is a valuable thing to pay attention to when talking with... >>>


avoid generalizations, provide examples and be... >>>


I have learned some new ways to communicate with my coworkers. some of the skills I over use and some i need to use... >>>


Customize presentation for each situation.  Planning ahead and being clear makes all the difference in the... >>>


knowing the subject matter make for a more interesting and practical... >>>


communication is the key to... >>>

Receiving and Responding to Feedback Constructively

If done constructively, receiving and responding to feedback is mutually beneficial to both to the employee and the boss for growth and achievement of the organizational goals and... >>>

Communicating with the media- Interviews

Be simple, clear, factual, considerate, formal, diplomatic, sensitive and... >>>

Active Listening Techniques

1. Stop talking! One can't listen when continously talking!
2. Active, effective and empathetic listening builds confidence, trust, understanding, honestly, and self-esteem for both employees and... >>>

CO 106- Communicating Beyond Words

1. Feedback from non verbal communication/behavior is more reliable than, spoken or written communication. 
2. Misunderstanding of non- verbal communication by some individuals have resulted in... >>>

Providing constructive feedback

Don't label people, be objective and focus on sharing ideas, what's observable, specific, valid, constructive and useful in making an employee better.
Listen with empathy, be positive and keep it... >>>


Start meeting on time and do not re-cap for late... >>>