Billie Garri

Billie Garri

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I believe that effective communication, direction, and the perceived outcome will help meet this goal of effective time management. 


Ultimately implementing more focus and direction and communication will help obtain the goal of more efficient time managment. 

I belive that clarification of a questions and reframing are methods that help develop trust between the rep and the prosective student, as well as establish trust and open lines of communication. It is communication that is guided within respectful boundaries. 

It is imperative to know when to ask open and closed ended questions. In the probing and gathering information phase, the use of asking open ended questions will allow the ability to gather information and uncover what the students needs are. Close ended questions are good for moving forward in the conversation as well as uncovering specific information. 

Using techniques to address, validate and diminish challanges is a way to create trust with the prospective student. I found this section helpful in approaching a challange as an opportunity and overcoming that challange will ultimately result in stronger performance. 

RMA will be the number one attribute to early success in admissions in terms of overall performance. It is imperative to constantly check your mindset to make sure you have the RMA 

Having a good positive attitude and awarness will motivate you and assist you with constant reallignment of your mentalality and how you inspire, speak, and work with your peers, prospective students, and various departments within your organiztion. 

Positive energy will help you overcome initial objections and give you an infectious state of mind that will positively influence those around you. 

Attitude is in imperative component to creating an overall experience for the student and prospective student. Attitude in infectious and it shows the prospective student that they and their individual needs are important to you and that each phone call is important and special. 

The " Student Centric " mentality begins with the advocacy of the University and is displayed through the constant integrity of the verious departments. Communication interdepartmentally is key to creating a comfortable, cohesive, and student centril mentality. 

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