Katy Kerr

Katy Kerr

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I learned numerous ways to prioritize and manage my time effectively.

I learned how important it is to send a post interview letter to reiterate why your a good candidate for the position applied for, and how it can make you stand out from others they may not have sent one. 

I learned that there are different types of cover letters and what circumstances they should be used for.  In addition, the cover letter should be no longer then one page long and should be tailored to the position that is being applied for. 

I learned how important the layout of the resume is. For example the most important information should be in quadrants one and two and also about the rule of thumb. 

I learned that its important to do a lot of networking so you know if the curriculum needs updated or changed to meet the needs of the workforce. Its also beneficial because there might also be other programs your institution may want to offer based on what current trends may be. 


I learned that its importatnt to help the students identify their skills by looking for patterns based on their work history and to practice thier interviewing skills so they are well prepared for the position they apply for. 


Its important to have a career services menu so students can pick what training and skills they need depending on what they want to do. 

Along with having a good mission statement, I learned that you always need to keep your information and resources for students updated. Its important to stay in contact with other departments such as Admissions so your on the same page.   This gives the students the most relevant information to aid them in finding a career. 

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