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How to overcome conflict?

How does one overcome conflict when the other person doesn't see your point of view?

Conflict: Healthy

It has taken years for me as a leader to understand that conflict is healthy and needs to happen in order to address everyone's concerns regarding "hot" topics on the job. The trick is to ensure it is healthy for everyone.


I have definitely learned to become more self-aware when faced with stressful/anxious situations.  Think about how I am affected.  What could I do differently.  Be grateful.  Self-talk.  Move on!


Preparation is key to effective presentations.


Do you think supervisors want feedback from supervisees?


Be consice and to the point, people don't want to read unimportant information

So much useful information in a short tutorial.

I learned about myself today. Now I know why I didn't like being a manager. it wasn't about the circumstances, it was how i failed to communicate them.


I think I prepare well but will commit to better evaluation of the topic prior to speaking.  


I was challenged not so much by sentence structure but in clarity and length. 

Coaching skills

This topic gives an insight how to strengthen the coaching skills and also to f-ollow some import tips and tools .


Listen to feedback and then analyze what actions to take for improvement. 


Know your audience and remain poised. 


Active listening helps to solves problems and contiributes tohaving healthy relationships. 


Use verbal and non-verbal communication with intergrating simple visual aids to share information effectively.  


Give observational feedback to improve performance and morale.


Plan and manage meetings so they are productive. 


Prepare and practice for presentations.


Communicate clearly and effectively. 


Effective communications improves productivity and morale. 

Stress Management | Origin: ML136

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Stress Management

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