Christina Bustos

Christina Bustos

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This module made me wonder how commuter students fit into the role of student engagement. 

Trust is the most important thing we can give to students who are coming to us for assistance!

It is important to not only tell students that we support them, but we must also show them as well.

Keeping "student success" at the focal point of your work can help you create that campus culture in which student retention can grow and students can thrive. 

It is important to remember that all conflicts are not worth your energy in resolving

It is interesting to see the different types of roles that people can fill in teams, other than just "leader"

Remembering that people are the root of collaboration would help keep you centered when trying to create collaboration with others

It is interesting to see how learning communication preferences are integral in getting information across to different generations. its nice to know where to start with some students. 

It is nice to know so many people from each generation have the chance to grow and learn alongside each other. 

Stress is inevitable but it can be managed

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