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How does one overcome conflict when the other person doesn't see your point of view?

I will have the team correct the issue unless it is something they cannot handle.

It is the key to everything. Without good communication you will most likely fail in anything you try to do.

I leaned that engaging the audience with humor, eye contact and well prepared presentation will have a better effect than a poorly executed presentation. 

Learning effective communication and how to implement it is very important in the workplace.

I learned to reflect on the actual cause of work stressors, and not just focus on my reaction.

I have learned that goal setting is great to have something to work towards.

Yes it is

It is important to remember that all conflicts are not worth your energy in resolving

I learned that it is important to know the recievers best way of learning. That it is best to use methods for the different type of learner, verbal, written and demo.  It is important to help the employee through the process of learning.  

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