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It is not possible to be an effective communicator if you are unaware of or ignore nonverbal behaviors.

Write in a clear, concise, and correct manner!

I have learned it is best to give constructive feedback in the moment and not let to much time pass, which will make the situation more cloudy to the person giving the feedback. While giving feedback, avoid being the judge. 

Stress can be beneficial if used to achieve certain goals.

Having the right people for each job is the first step in providing exemplary student service.

Its best to address issues early and not let them get out of hand.

Authentically desiring, caring and being present to coach team members generates greater outcomes not only in business but in the develop to individuals and teams.

I learned to write a first draft without worrying about spelling and grammar in order to get my ideas down. Once complete, go back and edit. 

I have learned that even if people don't take feedback well, they do in fact want it. 

Dont negotiate without being prepared, do your homework. Create a win /win situation. 

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