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Its easy to let someone know that they did something wrong. Its harder how to do it properly and not burn bridges. This training was helpful in telling people how to manage issues properly. A concern was brought up, a conversation happened, both parties are better afterwards.

learned how to work through difficult situations at work

Learned how to set new goals and help the team set goals 

I have learned how to present a presentation was I have to and how to complete it effectively.

I found this lesson on moderately useful and the topic was overcomplicated in places.

I learned that open communication is the most important thing. When deciding between keeping a work-place issue to yourself vs. sharing it with your director, it is better to share it!

Coaching is a skill that should be utilized in every scenario. Coaching can be utilized wrongfully and your will achieve an undesirable outcome, that why is very importatn the moment and how do you coach to promote the growth the individual.

Remember when someone is giving you feedback the intent is to help you be better and give you new tools to improve.

the best practices are to get everyone involved and students participating with their learning experience. I do utilize action plans to assist students in achieving his or her goals. I feel that my major successes are when students are striving with their grades and their learning experience. My major challenges are when students are failing.   

Will encourage my peers and student to encourage  feed back in a timely manner and let it be a learning experience.

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