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Building and Testing the Rubric | Origin: EL109

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Using Rubrics to Enhance Online Learning --> Building and Testing the Rubric

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned there are resources for developing rubrics.

In todays age a simple "Google" can start you on your way to building your own rubric.


Rubrics need to be fair for all students.  


I haved learned that just desiging a rubric because one was not there is not acceptable. The rubric must contain several components in order for it to be an effective teaching tool.

Rubrics must have different ways to accomadate all students

Rubrics need to be reliable, valid and fair.


There are online websites that can help build your rubric. Also your rubric should be reliable, valid and fair so all instructors can have consistency in grading for the course.


Rubrics can be created using many sources such as google or your own instituition. the important thing to consider is to ensure the rubric is reliable, fair, and free of biases.


you can find templates for rubics on the internet. 

Well, after reading this about Rubrics, it seems a fair and precise way to evaluate a students progress, as long as it is not too complicated.

The rubric must be reliable. The best way to test this is to have another instructor grade a student with you rubric and compare their grade with yours.

I have learned that an Rubric need to be reliable, valid and fair.

Rubrics can be adapted from other resources as long as they are reliable and fair and valid. 


GOOD TO KNOW THAT "A rubric should be fair to all students. A good rubric is reliable: if two raters use the rubric to rate the same work they should assign pretty close scores; raters should be in agreement." I PLANNED TO USE THIS METHOD


 A good rubric is reliable and fair for all students.


Rubrics should be elaborated clearly and taking into account the learning objectives of the course. We can also have model references on the web on several reliable pages

Rubies should be reliablle, valid and fair. It should be fair to all students across the board. A rubric that is good you will find very reliable. If two students use the rubric to rate the same type of project and it is very close to each other. Than the project scores should b very close. If needed you can find rubies online.


While it can seem intimidating, there are many resources out there for successfully building a reliable rubric. A quick Google search can get you some good resources along with the links provided in the material. One thing to remember though is that a reliable rubric should produce similar grades when two different instructors use them.

A rubric should be not be biased and should be have clarity.

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