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Ask students (through a blog) to discuss the different Twitter people/accounts they follow regularly. They would need to share one of these with the class and discuss their reasoning for following this person/account. To further this assignment, instructors can ask students to find a Twitter account that is related to a particular class or academic area. Students can also present the watched account and specific details to the class through a wiki or blog.

Emotional intelligence is being able to interact with people from different backgrounds and to be empathetic to what those folks may be saying, whereas having a High iQ is being innovative and technical and understanding of how to problem solve

What is a helpful lecture on soft skills? It was loaded with many common-sense tips be I still need to be reminded of these critical points.

Lots of great resources for massage and bodywork. I would like to look them up for my next CEUs

Rubik is so great but can be very intimidating to create the descriptors for each level that makes sense to the objectives we are teaching

Using the verb to help guide how I want to assess them is the great way to come up with a lot of ideas

I intend to apply Bloom's taxonomy hierarchy to my body work courses in many ways. I will clarify the objectives and outcomes, and I will make sure to pretest and intermittently post-test what I just taught. I would also create mini-lessons for what I'm teaching so I won't be talking for one hour; I should be talking for only 15 minutes and allowing the students to practice more.

Increasing student retention by flipping the classroom seems like a pretty great idea. My job had a training on this concept before and thought that it would not be possible to not focus on lecturing. But I do notice my students benefit from more demonstration. I also realize from this course that I should not interfere with too many demonstrations on my own. The students need to figure it out for themselves, but I need to give them immediate feedback so that they can go back to the drawing board and utilize their critical thinking skills more

Online technology has changed how we communicate. Establishing a presence online with my students needs to be more of a priority. 


Technology has completely changed the way people participate in education. Today’s students may receive instruction in a variety of different formats, including traditional face-to-face instruction, fully online instruction, or varying combinations of the two.

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