James McBride III

James McBride III

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The supervisor should meet with the intern at set intervals to allow the intern a report of successes and areas that need improvement so the intern can refine their skills to step up to the challenges presented for the given job at hand. This will over a period of time fine tune the  learned skills to the objectives laid out at the begining of the internship and make for less distractions during the process. The internship should be finalized by a written report of the internship cementing the idea that the intern gained the skills needed with great understanding to… >>>

The role of the supervisor is to establish a platform for the intern to be viewed from a place of suppervision, education, and correction. This will give an intern a view of the level of competence needed to successfully carry out their daily duties being able to navigate the rights and wrongs of the position to get the best outcome for the company and the intern. 


An organization providing an internship should have the affiliate school or oraganization as well as the intern on board to understand the guidlines and objective of the internship. The goals to be reached, as well as a base to make sure the intern gets the most out of their intenship backed by good note taking and exposure to many facits of thier projected carreer. This will be benificia for the potential company should they choos to hire the intern, as well a good base for the intern to start with should they be hire. Win, Win. 


Daily we strive to get our students to have a glimpse into the world coming thier direction. Coaching and stories of personal experience can aid a student in the do s and dont s . of the field they are treading into. 

Students at home seem to lack the direct engage/reward mind set online. To reach students and have them get involved there has to be a structure to the material presented and a goal based program to adhere to. The students sent to engage individually on their own without mile stones to be reached will either fall behind, or not have a true gauge of progress. For each achieved section, a report on their progress delivered by them, or an activity that has to be completed by a certain time will help them have a check and balance method as they… >>>

I teach Automotive Drivability courses. I have two students in front of a class, each representing their team.

1. With the two students, 1 each representing their team facing away from the white board where they can not see what I write. I will for   example write a word. For Example: Waste Spark.

2. Once everyone in the class is clear on what I wrote, I erase the word.

3. I will then get between the two students where I can hear both of them.

4. I announce, "on your marks, get set, go".

5. At that point the two teams… >>>

Not every student fits into the same peg. I work hard to hit lessons on many levels to keep my students engaged and wanting to learn. I have found that in my class instead of having my students perform a silent individual study, that they benefit from a team orientated game that allows each team to have one player that has to race to get an answer from the rest of the group to gain points. It inspires the use of knowledge to gain the correct answer and makes it fun while learning. Flexibility to have a little fun while… >>>

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