Meagan Meehan

Meagan Meehan

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This is a wonderful course, I really like the tips! 


i have enjoyed all of the content in thus course so far. 


This brings up some excellent points. A lot of course success depends on the student's attitude towards the work. 


This was so well written. Indeed one needs passive learning to understand the content before actively building on it! 


This is fascinating. Active learning is so important for memory. 

This is interetsing. I think good online courses need to have a lot of discussion. 


Good points in this section. I think discussions are the key to engaging online classes. 


This is interetsing although I am not a fan of multiple chocie quizzes. Students learn more in dicussions and writing papers. 


This is a very well written course. 


I loved learning about the history of distance education. I didn't know it went back ti the 1700s. 


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