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Civility and Managing Overall Communication | Origin: EL105

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Online Language: Communicating with Students --> Civility and Managing Overall Communication

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned to make sure that I am staying on top of communication with my students. And it is okay to disapline. And use different methods for disaplining. 

Understanding communication and how to ensure that as an instructor your communication code of conduct is clear, consice, and encourages a learning envionrment is vital. This section provided good information and resources when developing one for your course.

Initiate a communication code of conduct that is clear, concise, and encourages participation.

Always establish the rules & regulations for communication FIRST.  Effective communication can only be done when there is respect, clarity & understanding.  Any disruption can cause problems for the teacher &/or student(s).

Guidelines for communication or Communication Codes of Conduct help students understand communication rules and consequences for not following the rules.

I have learned the importance in setting rules, boubdaries, and clear expectations. Since I have been a part of an online class, a lot of this has seemed like common sense to me. However, this will be new to many students so making sure to go over online ediquette and rules is crucial. For example, in a discussion board, I knew "I agree" is not an acceptable response to receive credit for, but most students would do that without being told not to. 


Rules and Procedure on how to conduct online learning and behave is imperative within the overall learning process.


What have you learned from this module and how do you intend to apply it?

I liked seeing a rubric for student communicaiton. I'm going to include this in my online course. 

It is importance for the instructor to establish a code of conduct for communication on an online course. I like the strategies of setting expectations through a communication rubric and outline the consequences of the code of conduct is broken.

Setting standards for communicating with each other. Having a clearly defined code of conduct with consequences. Will become standard in any online classes I am involved with from here on. It just makes sense that even when dealing with adult learners this is a good practice.

I have learned that a pattern of communication or consistency is very important for student success. It also keeps the instructor on track.


I learned how important it is to manage the communication process and clarifying my expectations of civility-being polite and respectful, being professional, be careful with humor and sarcasm, etc. I will develop guidelines and a Communication Code of Conduct included in my syllabus.


I learnt about the various communication protocals, designing guidelines for effective online communication, framework for managing overall communication and establishing a pattern for communication as well as the components in a communication pattern in interations between I2S, S2I and S2S.

I will apply a rubric objective to encourage civility, good behaviour, respect and positivity.

Rules, communication and guidelines are important in a online environment. 

Communicating with Students --> Civility and Managing Overall Communication

Instructors should demonstrate civility and develop standards to up hold courteous communication. Students should be aware of communication standards, understand them and as well as the consequences. 

I must model appropriate communication and setting standards early in the course is a must.

continuation of the importance of communications with students was discused further in this section. It is important to develop and enforce a detailed code of conduct. All communications should be laid out in detail in the class sylabus/ rubric so the students know what is expected of them 

I learned that you will have to set the guidelines that the students use to managage the communication process. Communication is essential. 


I like the grading rubric at the end of the session for discussion board, sometime hard to get participation and this may allow for a way to encourage more and get results for the student.

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