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Technology Tools for Effective Communication | Origin: EL105

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Online Language: Communicating with Students -->  Technology Tools for Effective Communication

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned that using social media to interact with your students can be an efftive tool for communication. I looked at texting to be too personal for communicating with students, but in the lesson, it says texting can be very effictive when needing to remind students of certin projects or deadlines. Just making sure all your students have access to what ever playform you are using is the most important thing to remember. 

I think it was important to understand both the formative and summaritive points when discussing technology communication. I agree that ensuring all students have access is critical to the success of the technology method being utilized.

Interesting to consider other forms of communication besides email and phone calls.  Especially when transitioning from traditional instruction to online.


I have learned the importance of researhing pros and cons of communication/online resources. Also, making sure to use it in a way that makes sense (i.e: not using all of the features for the heck of it/becaue they are there...use them because they relate and go with what we are trying to accomplish).


Online language guidance/rules and assessments by the student and teacher are helpful tools in refining an online course.

Be sure to check the way online communication tools work.  The way it is used can be a hindrance or a boon to your students' learning.

Without investigating the different communication tools thoroughly, the wrong tool may be selected and the communication process will be hindered. Therefore, the communication process may not be complete and the message may not be delivered or understood completely.

Be sure to have good understanding of the technoligy tool and how it can add to the learning.


What have you learned from this module and how do you intend to apply it?

I like the idea of being able to asses the best technology for your online course. Of course, sometimes it is up to individual schools or district to determine what you use, but up to the instructor to decide which of the tools provided to use in class. 


Also, as a note, I don't believe in EVER using text speak with students. That's just me tho. 

Before choosing technology tools to utilize in an online course, you need to evaluate your options and assure that the tools align with the learning outcomes and communication goals.

I've learned how to share ideas, collaborate, and commiserate about the online teaching experience.

 I learned that one strategy that I use to motivate students through online lesson activities, is to make their learning authentic. Authentic learning for our students (experienced teachers) means to apply theories and concepts that we read about weekly and apply them in their own classrooms and lesson plans

I think assessing the tools for effectiveness is very important. It might work for one teacher and not another. You should try it out before putting it out there to students as well.


I learned a lot about how tech based communication falls into 3 categories. I never realized that it broke down into small group, large group software, and then social networking sites and how they are used based on the different sizes of the class. I will try a few different methods to see what works best for me and my students.


That there are technologies suited for communicating with individual, small, large, and social groups. That the appropriate tool should be selected depending on it's function, technical know how, availability and student need; and that the tools must be used effectively. That evaluation of the effectiveness of the technology and I2S,S2S,S2I is an ongoing process from formative to summative evaluations.

I intend to learn effective use of as many on-line communication tools as possible and continue learning new ones that are applicable for the students.

Communication and feedback is the goal for online and face 2 face interactions. It needs to be effective to foster student instrcutor relationship. 

I am a new online instructor and all of this information will be helpful to me. Learning the abreviations was also interesting and knowing that social networking can play a part in teaching online courses.


In this course we learned of many different technological communication tools to assist with communication at all levels. Email, social netwroking sites, voip's, sychronous meeting platforms, are all excellent tools depending on what the intended information is going to be. You want to determine what works best for you and your students before implementing. Always allow for feedback and adjustment as your class evolves. 

Communicating with Students --> Technology Tools for Effective Communication

There are many different technolgy-based tools for effective communication, understanding the purpose and ability of each tool can effectively convey the message that meets the instructor as well as students' needs.

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