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Gina Causey

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This course has been really helpful as I can see the type of assessment is important for helping students master the content and success in achieving the course/learning objectives.

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I agree.  I think this course creates a lot of thought about what type of assessment is best in helping the student master the course learning objective. 

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Hi Cozetta,

Me too.  A lot of thought should go into the rubric and how to capture what was intended so that it is more clear and fair

A rubric for a PowerPoint presentation is important as students need to produce relevant content while following a certain font or presentation to the slides.

Understanding more about personality traits can help instructors understand the learning needs of our students

I will use this course in making changes to the rubric.  I think clarity is so important for contributing to the student's success.


I think it is a good idea to invite the student's feedback about how to make the rubric better.  A lot of times I think we focus on the student's overall feedback of the course, but it would be a good idea to ask also about how to improve the rubrics in the course. 

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I agree.  I will think about designing rubrics so that they provide clarity about the performance or the mastery of content that we are looking for.

I have not thought about rubrics this way, but it is interesting to think that sutdents can learn how to provide constructive criticism through the feedback they receive.  

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Hi Carolyn, 

You make a good point as I think we may tend to view all of our students at the same level.  When we provide feedback, we can see that everyone comes with his/her own perspective toward the topic and how they have mastered the assignment. 

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