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Comment on Thomas Pullin's post: Hi Thomas, I agree. The online learning platform allows students to have flexibility. Some programs even allow students to learn at their own pace, independently. I have learned so much that I can apply to my faculty role as an online instructor. 

Comment on Douglas Neville's post: I agree. Including a written transcript for any video recording can be so helpful. 

This course has made me more aware of my communication. For example, including captioning can help students with disabilities. 

I think many educators are unaware of the communication needs of some of our students. Technology has come a long way, and we could certainly students who could benefit from the use of speech generated devices. 

Comment on Heidi STREETMAN's post: I agree. Sometimes students could have benefitted in the course if they had made arrangements about their accommodation. 

Students must feel connected to the instructor in the online learning environment so that they feel connected and a part of the group. 

It is important for faculty to get to know each student by observing, taking notes, and really learning each student. 

Students in the online environment can participate in active learning as they apply their knowledge to real-life experiences. 

As a faculty member, I am to be fully engaged in the curriculum and facilitating the course, and students can very much achieve active learning with an online learning platform. 

Social networking is all about building a community.

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