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The Diversity in “Diverse” | Origin: ED137

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Cultural Diversity: Including Every Student --> The Diversity in "Diverse"

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I will utilize it in the various populations that I capture in my Security training class.

i have come to realize the guys are mostly hands on while the women are more fact oreneted


The men seem to be more hands on and the women seem hesitant at first but they are fact oriented like Mr. Smith says. Once they get started they seem to get more involved

We've learned that each student is different, and that the entire group can be brought forward while individual differences are still being respected. We've also focused on the schematic approach to education in which old knowledge is connected to new.


The detrimental effects of stereotyping.

Recap on Schema Theory 


I've also notice that men tend to be more hands on and in a team lab environment others will tend to hang back. I step in and assign different tasks to each learner on the project so everyone has to get in volved. At the same time there's peer to peer teaching to where that task is completed correctly.

This is made me think about how I deal with students ion the learning environment and how do I treat everyone. I also have to reevaluate how I handle the class as a group while still taking care of the individual.

It is important that i have knowledge about various cultures to assist them with learning

I will pre read the information to make sure it is not gender bias. I will also make sure that students as well as myself are more sensitive to this issue. I belive that a well thought out message at the start of the new class can lwt the students know where you stand on the issue and could also open up lines of communication for those that feel like they are being targeted. This is an issue that has to have communication.... you can't tell anything important about a student just by looking at them.

What I learned from this module is very important for me as an instuctor wh teached in a direse environement of LA campus. 

The term diversity refers to differences in race, gender, and sexual orientation. It is very important to consider. There are several theories related to understanding diversity. Th Schema theory implies on the assumption that every person thinks and acts through their own specific schema. Consideration of diversity is a very important aspect of learning. Refraining from stereotyping is the first step, learning students’ names will customize the instructions. It is a good practice to try knowing the students individually, learning their personal stories to utilize DI (Differentiated Instructions) or DA (Differentiated Assessments). Key to a successful teaching is the inclusive behavior and planning instructions with each student in mind.

Everyone has a different life story, getting to know them as an individual will help myself help them achieve thier goals.

Be aware of my own behavior first!

Be cognizant of being inclusive

What one person may find to be normal, is not normal for others. Addressing people in an inclusive and hollistic manner allows for open communication. 

Educators need to embrace diversity and foster culturally inclusive classrooms designed to help every student succeed.

Every student is unique in their own way. 

I am teaching students from diverse cultural background. It is vital to accept individual difference in students in order to facilitate learning.


I feel that it is important to be inclusive of the various cultures of the student population. Each one can teach one and learn from another. I think everyone has something valuable to add to productive learning


Main thing I learned was to *remember* not change voice tone when interacting with different genders.

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