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I learned that there are so different options for students with learning disabilities. We need to use our resources.

That anyone can have a learning disability and that does not mean you are not smart.

That some people learn differently and have different struggles. You have to be patient with them and offer solutions and tips to help.

So far this module has helped learn about so many different learning disabilities. I didn't even know that many of them exhisted.

Integrating veteran students into the classroom is different than a civilian student in the sense that veterans experience different social challenges then a “regular student”. Their training as well as survival tactics place them in an entirely different category of being able to be social and adaptive.

Assuming al veterans think alike & act similarly is a mistake. Each student, regardless of veteran status is unique in their experiences, values and learning methods. 

This module has taught be to always be resource ready for veteran students. To be conscious of the difficulties they face in daily life. As well as be understanding that they process situations and feeling differently than a civilian student.  

This course has taught me that although Veterans share similar experiences, they process them in different ways. There are plenty of opportunities in the classroom to showcase a variety of teaching mechanisms that will allow the individual students to relate to the context. 

Bringing technology into the classroom must be a deliberate, structured approach with clear expectations and boundaries.

Gen Z (Post-Millennial students) can be demanding as they want information immediately. Instructors should do their best to view these generations in a positive light.

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