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I appreciate the use of varied methods of teaching when you are teaching toward a standardized test - specifically the NCLEX for nursing students.  

I love the concept of how new pathways in the mind are opened in the bilingual learner.

I love the thought of "inter" cultural versus "cross" culture.  The intertwining of cultures is the goal, especially when striving to include students from every diverse background.

Gender roles are definitely visible in the healthcare setting.  Men have traditionally been the exception in the nursing field and it's important to be inclusive with teaching strategies.

It is important to teach in a way that taps into all the learning preferences of my students. 

The ablility to speak multiple languages gives students both advantages and disadvantages. It is our job as instructors to cause this to become a strength in their lives.

Not to be "blind" when I see my students. This will not help me reach them at the individual level.

The different learning styles and languages are something to be aware of as an instructor.

I'm really hoping to find more apps to aid my students. They seem to respond well to that!

I wish more adults in the workforce would disclose their diverse would help normalize it.

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