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I learned that there are ways to support disability of these students and that regular teaching methods may leave these students out of the class, do not participate in class participation because it may take them time to process what they are learning

I learned that an accommodation doesn't mean giving the student with a disability an advantage because it doesn't  change the integrity of the task or learning they have to achieve.

So many adults are considered to have learning abilities, it is important to note that not all are diagnosed in grade school or secondary school.

Learning disabilities does not stop students for being successful in life 

Having disability does not change that the students willingness to learn it is just. They  need help in some area to help them understand the content. 

There are a lot more learning disabilities then I realize and effect more people that go untreated. 

Learning disabilities are different for the individual students so you have to different styles of teaching. 

I think I am going to try to have the generation y and z help teach eachother...this way i know they are reading the material but also grasping it.

This module help me to envision different ways of inclusion. 

The statistics are overwhelming. Knowing that it can happen to anyone at any age, race and gender, as educators we are mindful and can help students seek professional help, be more empathetic and patient. And as state in the article that sometimes we experience drama and we do even know it. Learning about it will also help us recognize if we are experiencing it ourselves or if our love ones are going thru it or not. 

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