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Be cognizant of being inclusive

Like the idea of flipping a lesson at a time to feel out the new style before implementing across the board.  I also imagine there are some lessons and units that may be more favorable to this new style.  I plan to do just that and go from there.  Picking the right lesson will be important.

Flexibility is key.  Using application questions is a good idea I plan to use this year as it helps with critical thinking development and assistance.

Don't assume that all veterans are alike.  They have different military experiences.  Also, don't assume that they are more responsible or have any other traits/characteristics that civilians tend to associate with the military experience.

Every veteran is different.  Impatience and intolerance may be symptoms of a deeper problem or feelings of disrespect.  Becoming aware of resources available to veterans is important. 

Veterans are a group that need to be considered in the realm of diversity as well.  They have unique experiences and challenges as they re-integrate into civilian life that need to be taken into consideration.

Critical thinking development via group-based learning (collaborative/cooperative) is important.  While possibly a bit more challenging in the on-line environment it is very doable.  2020 has provided ample opportunities for group-based activities I plan to incorporate into this school year.  

Active learning is not restricted to a traditional classroom environment but can be used successfully on-line.  Rubrics, expectations up front and continuous feedback are a few ways to enhance the student experience, keep them involved and ensure the instructor sets them up for success.  I may create a rubric to assist in this process and like the idea of allowing the use of avatars for students that may feel more comfortable.

As an instructor I need to get more proficient with technology to be successful.  Also, we have a number of students that don't have internet access or share that access with their siblings who are also school age.  I need to keep this at the forefront of my mind when putting assignments together and making deadlines.    

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it.

I've learned that, generally speaking, most of my educational/professional experiences have been "sage on the stage" based, though there has definitely been active learning incorporated.  I see the benefit of both and believe a good mixture is still optimal with active learning being predominant.  It's been somewhat challening to get out from behind the podium, which is what I'm most comfortable with because of my experiences, but flexibility is key.  This is challening enough in a traditional in-person academic experience.  Doing so on-line is taking it… >>>

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